KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Kenosha Police are disputing a report that one of their officers advised Kyle Rittenhouse and his attorney to not report his address to the court.

Prosecutors want Rittenhouse arrested and his bond increased because, they say, authorities can’t find him. In a statement Thursday, the department reported apparent inaccuracies in Rittenhouse’s former attorney’s recollections in an affidavit filed against the prosecutor’s motion.

The department says that the officer that the lawyer alleges helped them on November 20th was not on duty and had no contact with either Rittenhouse or his attorney. An officer did speak with them about security concerns regarding Rittenhouse, but nothing about paperwork.

Kenosha Police say that it’s the defendant’s responsibility to complete bond paperwork and comply with bond conditions. His attorney says that Rittenhouse is staying in a “safe house” due to threats against him.