Protestors Demand Answers As Waukegan Police Shooting Investigation Reaches 1-Year Mark

(Waukegan, IL) Protestors gathered in Waukegan on Thursday, wondering why there has been no resolution to a year old Waukegan Police involved shooting. On October 20th of last year a Waukegan officer shot and killed Marcellis Stinnette, and wounded his girlfriend Tafara Williams. Police say Williams was driving when she fled from one officer, and attempted to flee another, nearly hitting both. The shooting officer, Dante Salinas, was terminated from his job for violations, including failing to have his body camera on when the fatal shots were fired. Family says under the previous State’s Attorney, police shootings had decisions made within a couple of months. Current State’s Attorney Eric Reinhart didn’t detail his investigation in this case, but said it is still ongoing.

Tim Vander Tuuk, WXLC News (10-22-21)