Racine man charged in Kenosha bar incident

A Racine man is charged with allegedly attempting to hit a group of people outside of a bar with his vehicle.

30 year old Gustavo Angel Serrano-Pena was also allegedly involved in a bar fight on Monday night that left a man injured.

It happened at an establishment on 52nd Street near 14th Avenue in Kenosha.

Serrano-Pena allegedly punched and bloodied a man inside the bar and then aimed his SUV at a group of people outside of the bar.

One man’s foot was run over by the vehicle. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

Serrano-Pena is charged with felony hit and run causing injury and 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety as well as with two misdemeanors-including driving without a valid license.

He’s due in court next month.