Rain contains central Wisconsin wildfire after days of spread

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A rainy day has helped douse a central Wisconsin wildfire that has destroyed multiple buildings, officials with the state Department of Natural Resources said Thursday.

The fire broke out in Waushara County on Monday, after someone burning debris failed to fully extinguish the fire. Firefighters had almost contained the blaze by Monday evening, but had not completely stopped the fire’s spread. State Department of Natural Resources officials said the area received as much as an inch (2.54 cm) of rain on Wednesday and the fire was now 100% contained.

Officials with the department said local firefighters remain on the scene to tamp down hot spots, but firefighters from other areas have been sent home.

The DNR initially estimated the fire consumed about 830 acres but on Thursday officials said more accurate mapping of the fire’s perimeter shows it consumed about 730 acres.

The department also initially said the fire had destroyed 20 buildings, including three homes and 17 outbuildings. The agency revised those numbers on Thursday as well, saying three homes and 16 outbuildings were destroyed.