Rittenhouse Defense Denies White Supremacist Claims

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The defense for Kyle Rittenhouse denies the allegations that he is associated with white supremacist groups.

In a statement released Thursday the defense said that Rittenhouse had no objection with modifications to his bond that he not have any contact with any known hate groups.

The modification was proposed by prosecutors after video obtained by authorities in which they allege that Rittenhouse was flashing white supremacist signs, singing songs associated with the group the “Proud Boys,” and hung around with members of a white supremacist group while at a bar in Mt Pleasant earlier this month.

Police say that nothing in the video proved that Rittenhouse had violated his bond.

He’s currently out of jail on a 2 million dollar bond and is charged with the deaths of two men during the Kenosha Riots last summer.