Rittenhouse Trial Day 2: Opening Statements & Testimony Begins

KENOSHA, WI (AP & WLIP)–Testimony in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial continues Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, the prosecutor said Kyle Rittenhouse instigated the confrontation that led him to shoot three people on the streets of Kenosha during the riots in August 2020.

But Rittenhouse’s attorney says his client acted in self-defense after one of the men dove for his gun and others kicked him in the face and clubbed him in the head with a skateboard.

In opening statements, prosecutor Thomas Binger accused Rittenhouse of causing the trouble with the men who were shot.

Rittenhouse’s attorney Mark Richards says his client was armed to make sure he would be OK and that he was reacting to the others’ actions-including Joseph Rosenbaum-one of the two men who were killed.

After opening statements Dominic Black testified.

He is the person who allegedly purchased the firearm used in the shootings. He was also with Rittenhouse that night helping to protect a local business.

Black is charged separately. Jurors were also shown social media videos of the riots from that night.