Road Rage Incident Leads to Multi-Vehicle Crash; Four Injured

Long Grove, IL (WLIP)–Four people were hospitalized after a road rage incident.

It happened Wednesday morning in Long Grove, when a harrowing multi-vehicle crash unfolded at Route 83 and Gilmer Road.

The suspected reason is road rage.

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, an SUV and a black sedan engaged in a high-speed altercation-weaving in and out of traffic- resulting in the SUV rolling over after clipping the sedan.

Subsequent collisions involved two stationary vehicles, a garbage truck, and a box truck.

Four individuals sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were hospitalized, while the sedan’s driver fled the scene.

The drivers of the commercial vehicles emerged unscathed.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing with charges said to be pending.