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The only radio program devoted exclusively to issues that matter to Kenosha. Lenny puts his unique spin on local and national events and takes on callers who often disagree with his entertaining point-of-view


“What America offers each of its citizens is the glorius opportunity to fail; to reach for the stars even if those stars are out of reach, to fall down and pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the game. That, my friends, is the pursuit of happiness, pure and simple, and whether you’re covered in shimmering stardust at the end of your journey or not, it is your guaranteed right to be in the game and give it your absolute best that truly defines this great country.”
Lenny Palmer


Messin’ with Larry-Henry Louis Gates need not apply.(From 5/2/19)


Lenny talks with Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian about issues regarding the city. (From 3/12/19)

Lenny talks with activist Michael Bell about his efforts towards a new investigation into his son’s death. (from 1/23/19)

Lenny talks with Jim and George from the podcast “Talking Racine” regarding Foxconn(from 8/8/18)

Lenny talks with Gurnee Mayor Kristina Kovarik about flooding concerns from Foxconn (from 6/25/18)

Lenny talks with Scott and Kelly from Lakeview Health (from 6/1/18)

Lenny interviews Wisconsin Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andy Gronik (from 5/30/18)

Listen as Lenny discusses upcoming technological advances with Adam and Carl from Akahn Semiconductors (from 5/23/18)

Listen as Lenny talks with 1st Congressional District Candidate Jeff Wamboldt (from 4/25/18)

Listen as Lenny talks to Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Martha Laning about this year’s election cycle (from 4/24/18)

Listen as Lenny interviews caller Kim who is danger of losing her new house because of Foxconn. (From 4/12/18)

Listen as WLIP’s Lenny Palmer interviews “Marcus” a recovering addict along with Lakeview Health’s Scott Carney. (From 4/6/18)

Lenny talks with Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Dana Wachs about his candidacy and issues facing the state (from 3/8/18)

Lenny talks with “Chris” who is a registered sex offender. (From 1/17/18)

Lenny talks with Michael Bell Sr. on his latest efforts to reopen the investigation into the police shooting death of his son. (From 1/10/18)

Lenny talks with Scott Carney from Lakeview Medical and Patty Hansen with Kenosha Human Development Services about the drug epidemic. (From 12/1/17)

Lenny talks with Chuck and Scott Carney from Lakeview Medical about the realities of drug addiction. (from 10/13/17)

Lenny interviews activist Michael Bell about various topics relating to law enforcement. (from 9/12/17)

Lenny interviews Wisconsin Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andy Gronik about his campaign. (from 8/30/17)

Lenny interviews 1st Wisconsin Congressional District Candidate Paul Nehlen (R). (From 8/16/17)




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