• Sunday
    8:00 am - 11:00 am

Music Of The Stars With Lou Rugani

The MUSIC OF THE STARS – named “Chicago’s most-tapeable” radio show by CHICAGOLAND RADIO – and “the best thing on radio, bar none” by LIVE AIR Magazine.

It’s as modern as tomorrow, and as vintage as radio itself – a show you can sink your teeth into, and savor.

In this age of iPods and homogenized uniformity, here’s a real radio program, with linear thought, song sets, real moods, serendipitous discovery, and illuminating collaborations of hand-selected playlists from the great universe of recorded sound, often reaching deep into forgotten corners of our collective reality, each moment resonating with the others. That’s what makes each song, instrumental, poem and comedy piece on the MUSIC OF THE STARS much more than it otherwise would be by itself alone.

Step into the infinite world of THE MUSIC OF THE STARS with Lou Rugani live each Sunday morning over WLIP AM 1050, and across America live, then podcast at .