November 1, 2020
Media Release
Due to the Presidential visit to Kenosha on November 2, 2020, there will be several road closures. In an effort to keep Kenosha informed and for the convenience of our community, the Kenosha Police Department is sharing the closure information in advance. Please be aware that the times are subject to change.
The following are the closures and times:
▪️Hwy H or 88th Avenue will be closed between Hwy 142 and 50th Street beginning at 7:45 AM. This includes all access roads. *Please note that the Department of Motor Vehicles or D.M.V. will be accessible during normal business hours.*
▪️Hwy 158 or 52nd Street will be closed between the West Frontage Road or 120th Avenue and 88th Avenue beginning at 6:30 PM.
▪️There will be no parking on along HWY 158 or 52nd Street. There are temporary no parking signs posted.
It is anticipated that these closures will remain in effect until the Presidential departure. It may become necessary to modify road closures. If this occurs notification will be made via media release and the Kenosha Police Department’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.