Somers House Victim Testifies; Defendant Wants to Fire Attorney

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–One of the men shot at the Somers House last April testified against the man who allegedly fired at him.

25 year old Rakayo Vinson also allegedly shot and killed three men with whom he had a dispute earlier in the night.

Three others were injured.

One of them was 27 year old Jordan Momani, who was shot in the chest.

He worked for the bar and testified that he was asked to keep an eye on Vinson while the three men were kicked out of the bar.

Momani said that Vinson and men had another confrontation outside before Vinson opened fire.

After the jury left for the day Vinson made a request to fire his attorney and disputed with Judge Bruce Schroeder.

The trial continues Thursday.