Still No Life Rings on North Pier

KENOSHA, WI–As the city of Kenosha continues to debate ways to keep people safe by the city’s north pier one of the least controversial solutions is to place life preserver rings in kiosks along the pier. However that hasn’t happened yet. The reason is that the City Attorney’s office has yet to hammer out a deal with the pier’s owner-the Army Corps of Engineers-to place the ring kiosks.

The agreement would lay out responsibilities and liabilities pertaining to having the life preservers there. The lack of progress on the issue is becoming troublesome to at least one Kenosha alderman. 17th district Alderman David Bogdala told WLIP’s Wake Up Kenosha that he doesn’t understand the holdup.

The push for the safety rings predates last week’s drowning and was proposed after a similar incident farther north at another dangerous spot-where the Pike River meets Lake Michigan. The city installed warning signs about the dangers at that location.



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