Supply, Demand, Hurricane Ian Lead to Big Gas Price Jumps in Wisconsin, Illinois

(Chicago, IL)  Prices at the pump have seen a dramatic rise on both sides of the state line. AAA says the average gallon of gas in Illinois jumped 23-cents from this point last week, and is back above the 4-dollar mark at $4.15…36-cents above the national average. Lake County jumped 21-cents to an average of $4.20. Wisconsin saw an even bigger jump, increasing by 46-cents over the last week to an average of $3.93…which is 15-cents higher than the national average. Kenosha County jumped 50-cents and also stands at $3.93 a gallon. AAA says gasoline supplies being down, and demand being up…mixed with the massive Hurricane Ian have contributed to the quick rise in prices.

Tim Vander Tuuk, WLIP News (9-30-22)