KENOSHA, WI–A suspect who is alleged to be the getaway driver in a fatal shooting is expected to testify at a fellow defendant’s trial.

Markeith Wilson is charged with murder and robbery in the death of 23 year old Joseph Reily in the victim’s Kenosha County home last November.

Court records indicate that Augustine Sanchez, who prosecutors say is also one of the planners of the incident, will testify at Wilson’s trial. Sanchez and Wilson were two of the suspects who reportedly went to Reily’s home on November 15th to rob him of money and drugs.

When Wilson and another suspect Anthony Harris went to kick in the door, Riley opened fire sending a barrage of bullets toward them. The suspects also fired, fatally hitting Riley and severely injuring another person in the house.

A fourth suspect-Demarco Hudson is also charged in connection with the case.

All four are charged with first degree intentional homicide, attempted homicide, and burglary.