Pete Serzant, WLIP News

KENOSHA, WI—Authorities continue to investigate claims of jury tampering in the Martice Fuller case.

Fuller is charged with the 2019 shooting death of Kaylie Juga in an incident that left her mother injured.

In the lead up to the scheduled start of Fuller’s trial Monday, prosecutors allege that he contacted a family member with information-including the names-of jury members.

Later in the day Monday, Fuller’s mother was investigated, and briefly arrested for allegedly hesitating to show officers her phone when presented with a warrant. She could face a misdemeanor obstruction charge. Fuller’s trial will now resume in May-with a new jury. 

On Tuesday’s the victim’s Father, Nick Juga, reached out on social media and asked for people to post positive things relating to Kaylie’s memory and not add to the hate already on the platform regarding the case.

In the viral post, Juga said that the negative posts do more harm than helping any kind of justice.