Thurs. Headlines: Kreuser Gives Final Address; Public Safety Referendum Passes; Rizzo Named Permanent St Joe’s President

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Outgoing Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser gave his final State of the County address yesterday.

It came a day after voters selected Samantha Kerkman to be his successor.

Kreuser used the address to tout his record as County Executive, a post he’s held since 2008.

Among those accomplishments Kreuser listed were the expansion of the Public Safety Building, restoration of the Kenosha County Courthouse and Administration Building, and the lifting of the county’s bond rating to AAA level.

He concluded his address by urging the board not to let political polarization get in the way, but rather to continue to work together for the advancement of the county.

Pleasant Prairie voters approved a public safety referendum Tuesday that will increase property taxes to hire more police officers and fire and rescue personnel.

The annual tax levy increase of one point six million dollars beginning next year was approved by 52-percent of the vote.

The extra money breaks down to about $42 a year per $100,000 dollars of assessed property value-or $3.50 a month.

The extra money will hire four new officers and 12 new fire and rescue staff.

Pleasant Prairie officials say the extra staff is needed due to the growth of the village in recent years.

Matthew Rizzo has been named as the new President of St Joseph Catholic Academy.

Already serving in that role on an interim basis, Rizzo was appointed by Archbishop Jerome Listecki to remain in that position full time.

Rizzo replaces Deacon Patrick Moynihan who was placed on administrative leave after a short stint in the job last year.

Rizzo is also St Joe’s head football coach and has been an educator since 2004.