KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The effort to hire a new Kenosha Unified School District Superintendent will begin next week.

Since the retirement of Dr Sue Savaglio-Jarvis last year, Bethany Ormseth has been serving in that role on an interim basis.

She will not be one of the candidates to get the job full time.

The School Board could vote as soon as next week on approval of the search firm tasked with finding candidates to lead the district.

The board will consider three firms in closed session Tuesday and could choose one in open session later that night.

The meeting will be at the E.S.C at 5:30 PM Tuesday.

One person was injured after he was hit by a vehicle last night.

It happened in Kenosha’s Uptown neighborhood near Roosevelt Road and 22nd Avenue around 7:15 Wednesday night.

He was flown by flight for life and taken to the hospital.

His condition isn’t known.

The driver was said to have remained at the scene.

The crash remains under investigation.

Kenosha’s License and Permit Committee deferred a measure this week that could put a local popular establishment in a lot of trouble.

The Kenosha Police department filed a multiple page report to the committee late last month recommending Coins Sports Bar’s liquor license be either taken away or at least suspended.

The department’s report listed several alleged incidents that have happened in or around the bar stretching back to the middle of last year.

In one incident a man was shot and killed in the parking lot on New Year’s Day but there’s no apparent connection between the man killed and the bar as he reportedly was not a patron.

License and Permit will consider the issue later this month.