Trial in 2019 Kenosha Murder Continues Tuesday

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The trial continues today in the shooting death of a Kenosha man that happened in 2019.

Alex Delgado-Cintron allegedly shot and killed Osiel Estrada in his home in December 2019 before shooting and leaving his brother-Antonio Jaimes severely injured. Prosecutors say that the defendant’s girlfriend, 37 year old Maria Patino owed the victim money for cocaine when she and the defendant went to the Estrada home that night.

When Patino left to get the cash from her car, Delgado-Cintron allegedly entered the home and shot Estrada and Jaimes before searching for money.

The couple fled to Puerto Rico where they were tracked down and the defendant was arrested.

Jaimes and Patino will testify for the prosecution.