Tues. Headlines: Former Pleasant Prairie Official to be Charged; Council Approves Nuisance Ordinance; County Board Considers Controversial Measures

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Charges are said to be pending against the now retired Pleasant Prairie Public Works Director John Steinbrink Jr., the son of the village President.

Steinbrink Jr. will be charged by the Racine County District’s Attorney’s Office with one count of theft/false representation and six counts of misconduct.

The case was transferred from the Kenosha County D-A’s office to Racine to avoid any conflict of interest.

The Kenosha News reports that Steinbrink Jr. was an employee of the village for 28 years and was public works director since 2010.

The village announced his retirement last month.

The Kenosha Common Council has approved an ordinance change that tightens the rules and responsibilities businesses have for criminal incidents.

Owners or their managers in charge will be responsible for any criminal acts or other disturbances as defined in the ordinance that happens on their main property or an adjacent property such as a parking lot. If more than 3 are recorded in a given year-they could face license revocation.

Besides parking lots, the ordinance specifies an adjacent property as “ …any highways and all premises held out for the public for use of their motor vehicles located next to the business premises; and any public sidewalks located next to the business premises…within 250 feet.”

The measure had the apparent support of the Tavern League and was passed on a unanimous vote by the council.

Read the ordinance here:


The Kenosha County Board is set to consider and possibly pass two more controversial measures tonight.

One would allow the Kenosha County Executive to fire department heads while the other would ban the county from accepting outside money to help administer elections.

The department head proposal would change a policy put in place nearly 20 years ago, and says “…any division head appointed by the county executive may be removed at the pleasure of the county executive.

The board will also consider Shelly Billingsley to serve as Director Of Public Works & Development Services