Tuesday’s Turnout Big in Kenosha, Across the State

KENOSHA, WI–Turnout in Wisconsin’s midterm election is the highest on record, topping out at over 57 percent. The hard-fought race for governor drove people to vote Tuesday, with the race for U.S. Senate close behind. Based on unofficial totals, nearly 2.7 million people cast ballots. That comes to 57.2 percent of the voting-age population.

In Kenosha, 78 percent of registered voters cast a ballot, which translates to about 53 percent of the eligible voting population. Democrat Tony Evers narrowly defeated Republican incumbent Gov. Scott Walker, thanks largely to massive turnout in Democratic strongholds of Dane and Milwaukee counties.

Evers won Kenosha County with 51 percent of the vote while Walker received only 46 percent. Walker also underperformed in key Republican areas, like the suburban Milwaukee counties. Walker lost by just over 1 percentage point of the vote, based on unofficial results.


The AP contributed to this report. 



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