Two classrooms at Salem Grade School to be quarantined following two positive cases of COVID-19

Two classrooms at Salem Grade School will be quarantined following the confirmation of two positive cases of COVID-19  within the school, the school district and the Kenosha County Division of Health announced jointly today.  

According to Dr. Connie Valenza, Salem District Administrator, “Salem students, families, and staff have been amazing in  their efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, due to our configuration and the number of staff who  will be affected, we have made a decision to move our 4K on-site instruction to virtual instruction only. Our 4K students  will resume regularly scheduled on-site instruction on Thursday, October 22nd.” 

Individuals identified as close contacts to the two positive cases will receive a letter informing them of this and requiring  them to quarantine for 14 days from the last date of exposure. The Kenosha County Division of Health is working with  the school to assist in identifying and reaching these close contacts. 

Close contacts include those who: 

  • Had direct physical contact with any of the infected individuals (e.g.: a hug or handshake). ● Were within six feet of any of the COVID-19-positive individuals for more than 15 minutes. ● Had contact with respiratory secretions from any of the infected individuals (e.g.: were coughed/sneezed on,  had contact with dirty tissue, or shared a drinking glass, food or towels or other personal items. 

Those who do not receive a letter from the school or a phone call from the Division of Health were likely not in contact  with the COVID-19-positive individuals and are therefore not considered to be in a higher-risk group. 

Parents are urged to monitor their students and other family members for any COVID-19 symptoms, including but not  limited to: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, fatigue, headaches, etc. Those who do become  symptomatic should call their health care provider. 

Kenosha County Health Officer Dr. Jen Freiheit credited the Salem School District for addressing the positive cases  proactively. She encouraged parents to abide by quarantine orders, and to keep their students home from school if they  are exhibiting any signs of illness. 

“Quarantines and school closures can be difficult for families, but following public health guidance is essential in slowing  the spread of COVID-19,” Freiheit said. “School and health department staff are working as quickly as possible to reach  out to affected families to give them the information they need to make responsible decisions.”