KENOSHA, WI— 2 people are facing charges in connection with the death of a 2 month old infant. The charges come after police searched an area near 50th street and 52nd Ave for several hours Thursday.

36 year old Hezile Frison and 21 year old Monica Adams face charges of hiding a corpse and harboring and aiding a felon.

Kenosha Police say that their search Thursday came after investigators received a tip Wednesday night around 9 PM about 2 month old Jalisa Adams-Frison being missing since last month. She lived with her parents near the 3700 block of 45th St.

Investigators believe that her body may have been dumped near the search area. Evidence to that effect was apparently recovered.

The investigation continues. Anyone with information should contact Kenosha Police at 262-605-5203 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers, 262-656-7333.