(Waukegan, IL) Police in Waukegan have released more information on a shooting that left two people dead this week.

Investigators say brothers Christian and Jimy Tenorio, for reasons unknown, specifically went to a home Tuesday morning in the 100 Block of Frolic Avenue.

It was there they attempted to break into a home while armed, and found a female who rents the home…she screamed for help. A male who rents the basement came upstairs with a gun, confronted the brothers and shot Christian.

As Jimy attempted to pull the shot subject out of the home, the male retrieved another gun, and the pair exchanged gunfire. The incident left the 34 and 36-year-old brother’s dead. The people inside the house were registered FOID card owners, the Tenorio’s were not.

No one inside the home, nor a 3rd renter that was not home during the incident, knew the brothers or why they targeted the house. The investigation is ongoing.