Vehicle Allegedly Going More than 100 MPH Before Fatal Crash

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—We have more information on a fatal crash that killed a 14 year old boy.

20 year old Anthony Lagowski faces reckless homicide charges in the death of 14 year old Dominic Boll-Flaig on June 3rd. Court records indicate that Lagowski was allegedly driving in excess of one hundred miles per hour when he struck the vehicle carrying Boll-Flaig and his brother. Tyler Boll-Flaig was severely injured.

Witnesses told investigators that they saw Lagowski weaving in and out of traffic eastbound on Highway 50 just before the crash at the intersection of Highway B. Lagowski is in jail on one million dollars bond.

Investigators are seeking the driver of a second vehicle that may have been racing Lagowski just before the crash. That vehicle cleared the scene and drove away.