Vinson Refuses to Participate in Trial; Is Removed From Courtroom

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Rakayo Vinson trial had a bumpy day Thursday.

The defendant was removed from the courtroom and had to participate remotely-something he refused. Vinson is charged with killing three men and wounding three others April 18th outside a crowded bar.

The issue stemmed from an on-going interaction between Judge Bruce Schroeder and Vinson over the latter’s desire to fire his attorney.

The conversation between the judge and defendant has led to numerous interruptions by Vinson to the point he was removed from the courtroom-via the public door that took him through the gallery.

The proceedings continued with the defendant back at the jail and on Zoom, although he apparently refused to participate without a new attorney.

The trial is expected to wrap up Friday.

Also during the proceedings Thursday a person was sent to jail for allegedly live streaming the trial.

They were held in contempt of court and sentenced to 10 days in jail-although that was later lowered to one day time served and a 250 dollar fine.