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KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha County Board has failed to override a veto by Kenosha County Executive Samantha Kerkman pertaining to an advisory resolution about solar panels.

The resolution was passed by the board last month on a narrow vote.

It encouraged developers and others to seek different ways to implement solar panels besides using up acreage that would be used for agriculture and future development.

In her veto statement County Executive Kerkman said that she is a supporter of solar energy but said the resolution created more challenges than solutions.

Kenosha County Board Supervisor Brian Bashaw didn’t buy Kerkman’s reasoning.

Bashaw says that since the resolution was advisory and non-binding he didn’t understand why the veto was necessary.

A 13-7 majority of the county board supported overriding the veto but that number was short of the 16 vote supermajority needed for the override to succeed.