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KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha Unified School Board has narrowed down the parameters for dealing with its declining enrollment.

The board approved four different parameters which will be further refined in the coming months.

The board is requesting that Davis Demographics develop scenarios based on functional utilization of at least 80 percent for KUSD schools, program changes and/or mergers to improve resource efficiency, school boundary adjustments, and exploration of a pre-k through eighth grade program.

School board member Eric Meadows says that those guidelines-developed by the Right Sizing committee-are that starting point.

Davis Demographics Project Manager Georgia Leonard told the board that the parameters give her organization a first step in their process.

Multiple public hearings are being planned for next month to keep people in the know about the plans as well as get further input.

The right sizing process will most likely mean further campus closures in the district.