Wed. Headlines: Election Recounts; Charges Filed in Attempted Homicide

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The first of the recounts in local races too close to call from the April 5th General Election will take place Wednesday.

The race between Ruth Dyson and Erick Hansen will be recounted at the Kenosha Municipal Building starting at 9 AM.

Dyson leads Hansen in the vote count for Kenosha Common Council District 12 208-205.

Under state law Hansen is entitled to a recount if he believed an error was made in vote count.

A petition to that effect was received by the Kenosha City Clerk’s office.

On Thursday, the Kenosha County Clerk’s office will recount the County Board District 11 race between Zack Stock and Guida Brown and any other recounts requested by Wednesday’s deadline.

Stock leads Brown 615 to 608.

A 17 year old is charged with two counts of attempted homicide in a shots fired incident from last month.

17 year old Aloysius Watts is also charged with recklessly endangering safety for allegedly firing 10 shots at an SUV near the 43-hundred block of Sheridan Road on March 24th.

Two men were in the vehicle at the time. A city bus was also said to have been in the line of fire.

No injuries were reported.

Watts was arrested on March 30th after a crash involving a reported stolen vehicle.

He is being held on $500,000 cash bond and is due back in court on April 21st.