KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Several Kenosha County Supervisors who were the subject of a review have been cleared of any potential ethics violations.

The investigations stemmed from security tours the supervisors attended at the Country Thunder grounds in Twin Lakes, which reportedly included food, water, and in the case of two supervisors-passes to the show.

After the tours and freebies came to light, Supervisor Erin Decker requested the review.

Attorney Jacob Curtis reviewed both the ethics code and the testimony from the supervisors involved.

In a report to the County Board delivered Tuesday night, he characterized the situation as a “close call”

He found that the food and beverage did not meet the code’s $25 threshold and the passes were unlikely to affect any future votes involving the music festival.

Kenosha County public health officials say they will no longer try to contact everyone who tests positive for Covid-19.

County Health Officer Dr. Jen Freiheit made the announcement Tuesday. Instead she says that her staff will focus time and resources on what will yield the greatest benefit in stopping the worst effects of the virus.

In a press release Dr. Freiheit cited the increased use of at-home testing that does not get reported to the county health department as one of main reasons for the change.

If Green Bay Road in Kenosha County is on for your daily commute make sure you keep a close eye on how fast you’re going.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is partnering with local law enforcement agencies to increase enforcement along the busy state highway.

Officers will utilize the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Community Maps Program to identify hotspots to best target their enforcement efforts.

In January those efforts resulted in more than 150 citations issued.

There have been over 130 crashes on Green Bay Road in Kenosha County over the past two years with 67 injuries reported.