What Does Phase 4 Entail?

(Chicago, IL) The state of Illinois should enter Phase 4 of its reopening plan on Friday, but what exactly does that entail?

Governor JB Pritzker on Monday released a summary of what to expect, including the reopening of indoor dining, with capacity limits. Other things like museums, zoos, movie theaters and performing arts centers, as well as outdoor sports complexes will be allowed to open, again, with capacity restrictions.

Youth sports can resume competitive play and tournaments, but spectator and group limits will be in place…and facemask use will continue to be required in places where social distancing is not possible.

There is no timetable for Phase 5, as the Governor says a vaccine, effective treatment or eradication of the virus is the only way to get there.

Several mayors and citizens groups say an effective vaccine or treatment may never be found, and some have even threatened lawsuits to force the Governor to relent on those guidelines.