Wisconsin General Election Is Tuesday

By Pete Serzant, WLIP News

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Tuesday is the Wisconsin Spring General Election.

The big statewide race is for Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Janet Protasiewicz faces Daniel Kelly in a race that has largely been about Wisconsin’s abortion ban which is expected to come before the court.

Kelly or Protasiewicz would be the deciding vote on the ban’s future.

The court is likely to also hear challenges to Wisconsin’s electoral maps, putting the Republican’s more than a decade long hold on majorities in Madison in possible jeopardy.

Locally, incumbent Kenosha Unified School member and current president Yolanda Santos-Adams faces challenger Lamar Madison.

Other districts in the county have funding referendums on the ballot.

There are also two Wisconsin Constitutional amendment questions on the ballot.

See ballot and voter location information here