The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that today’s election will go on as planned. Gov. Tony Evers had issued an executive order to delay the state’s scheduled presidential primary election for two months because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the conservative-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court sided with Republicans who said Evers didn’t have the authority to reschedule the race on his own. The move injected more chaos and last-minute uncertainty amid growing criticism about the state’s harried efforts to allow for in-person voting. The governor had previously opposed moving the election. But he acted as poll sites closed because nervous volunteers were unwilling to staff them and as criticism about holding the election grew. Evers says that he had hoped for a more bipartisan solution to the Election Day dilemma.

In person polls will be open between 7 AM and 8 PM. All absentee ballots must be either turned in to the municipal clerk’s office by 8 PM or post marked with today’s date to be counted.