With Deepest Snow Cover in 20 Years; Kenosha Fire Asks For Hydrants to Be Cleared

KENOSHA,WI (WLIP)–It’s a common refrain this time of year, where will all the snow go?

With the Kenosha area experiencing our deepest snow cover in 20 years, local fire officials are again asking residents to make sure that it’s not covering fire hydrants.

Guy Santelli with the Kenosha Fire Safety and Prevention Bureau told WLIP’s Wake Up Kenosha that if firefighters have to dig hydrants out during a blaze the results could be catastrophic.

Santelli says that finding hydrants that are buried or frozen adds a sense of urgency to each fire.

Santelli says that neighbors should get together and go around their neighborhood to clean out hydrants from the street side for easier access in an emergency.