Witness: Rosenbaum was “Hyper-aggressive” Before Shooting

KENOSHA, WI (AP; WLIP)–Witnesses at Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial say the first man shot on the streets of Kenosha was “hyper-aggressive,” threatened to kill Rittenhouse and another man who were patrolling with guns, and later lunged for Rittenhouse’s gun in an attempt to take it away.

Ryan Balch says he carried an AR-style semi-automatic rifle and walked around with Rittenhouse to try and protect him.

He testified that Joseph Rosenbaum was upset at one point and threatened to kill him or Rittenhouse if he caught either alone.

Another witness-Richard McGinniss who was covering the riots for a website that night-testified earlier that Rosenbaum lunged for Rittenhouse’s gun just before he was shot.

Also yesterday a juror-number seven- was dismissed for allegedly making a joke about the shooting of Jacob Blake-the underlying incident that led to the riots.

After questioning the juror-who wouldn’t repeat exactly what he said-Judge Bruce Schroeder dismissed him. That leaves 19 jurors still on the case-12 could be called on to decide a verdict after the trial.