A Kenosha man was arraigned on hit and run charges yesterday in the death of a Mt Pleasant teen. 18 year old Teren Cagle was just a week away from his 19th birthday when he was stuck and killed while riding his bicycle on Sheridan Road in Racine County Monday night. The suspect is identified as 71 year old Johnny Taylor of Kenosha. He was arrested after investigators identified the type of vehicle that stuck Cagle from debris left at the scene. According to the criminal complaint, a Kenosha police officer spotted a truck with damage consistent with the fatal crash parked behind Taylor’s Kenosha business. Officers allege that Taylor gave conflicting stories about the incident, which was caught on security camera. He’s being held on 50-thousand dollars bond and is due in court next week.

A West Allis man facing charges in several separate cases will stand trial for murder in Kenosha this spring. 40 year old Michael Cina is accused of killing Bernard Reavers in a Kenosha apartment in August 2016. According to case reports, Reavers inadvertently walked in on Cina allegedly robbing a neighbor’s apartment. Cina is then alleged to have shot and killed him. The trial has gone through numerous delays, and Cina is on his fourth defense attorney for the case. At a hearing yesterday, Cina’s attorney asked for time to go over the evidence in the case. A tentative date to open the trial in set for May 20th. Cina also faces charges in Racine County for another homicide. A trial in that case will open next week.

Kenosha will receive state grant money to help fund the police department’s beat patrol this year. Two state Department of Justice grants totalling 261-thousand dollars were approved by the city council this week. The first and larger grant will provide for salary and benefits and the other will pay for the officers overtime. The city will match with about 40-thousand dollars toward the effort. Usage of the grant money follows specific guidelines and result in the increase of officers on the street, not to supplant already existing local resources.

As the Foxconn development continues to take shape the matter of appropriating the land for construction continues. Kim Mahoney, whose property and home lie adjacent to Foxconn area one, objects to the use of imminent domain in order for the Village of Mt Pleasant to take her property. Mahoney told WLIP’s Lenny Palmer that while officials have ignored her pleas they have been very active with her neighbors. Mahoney says that late December was the first time the village approached her to even begin negotiations to buy her home on behalf of Foxconn but she and her husband have resisted. The house is less than two years old, and Mahoney fears the government’s offer will not be enough to find an equivalent living situation. She says that they are considering filing suit.