WLIP K-Town Rewind 4/19/19

The Beach Park man accused of killing three members of a Kenosha family in an alleged drunk driving crash has pleaded not guilty. 40 year old Timothy Vandervere appeared in court for a preliminary hearing on Thursday. Records indicate that the court official found enough evidence to hold Vandervere for trial. He remains in jail on $2 million cash bond. A status hearing is scheduled for late June and the trial is scheduled for mid-July. Vandervere allegedly was going 100 MPH when he struck the back of the Jeep carrying Vincent, Mary, and Michael Rizzo, killing them. A fourth person was severely injured. Last week, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department reported that Vandervere’s blood alcohol content at the time of the crash was .316-almost four times the legal limit. Vandervere is charged with 3 counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle and reckless homicide among several other felonies.


Foxconn Technology Group says it remains committed to “long term” job creation in Wisconsin, the day after Gov. Tony Evers said it was unrealistic to expect the company to employ 13-thousand people as promised.  Foxconn did not mention the 13-thousand number in its statement Thursday. It could get nearly 3 billion dollars in state tax credits if it employs that many people and invests 10 billion dollars on the Wisconsin project over 10 years. However, the liquid crystal display factory it is building in the state is much smaller than what was originally planned when the contract was written. Evers says he wants to revisit the contract. Foxconn says it remains committed to the deal, while being “open to further consultation, collaboration, and new ideas.” It says, “Foxconn’s commitment to job creation in Wisconsin remains long term” and will span the length of the contract and beyond.


The trial of the teen accused of stabbing another student to death at Bradford High School nearly two years ago has another delay in his trial. Timothy Carson was 15 years old and a freshman at Bradford when he allegedly stabbed Dez’Jon Taylor in the study hall room at Bradford after an on-going dispute between the two. Carson claims self defense in the incident, claiming that Taylor threatened him previously. The latest delay in the case is due to the prosecution needing more time to secure an expert witness to testify. The trial is now set to begin in August


After a series of tragic drownings in Lake Michigan last summer, the city of Kenosha is set to move forward with new water safety measures. Last year, more signage and life safety rings were installed along the lakefront. Now the focus is on education, especially among kids and young adults. May is Lake Michigan Safety Awareness Month in Kenosha and local police and fire officials joined with local businesses to form the Safety Around Water Coalition.The group plans a water safety presentation for May 11th at 54th street and 3rd avenue. Kenosha Fire Chief Chuck Leipzig told WLIP’s Wake Up Kenosha that their aim is prevention. To that end, there are also school programs and public safety talks planned. Students will be asked to pledge to not jump off the pier near Kenosha Lighthouse or swim in Pike Creek-two of the most lethal spots along this area of the lake. You can read more about the city’s efforts on our website, wlip dot com.  


Nathan Kivi has been found guilty of double homicide. The 26 year old admittedly killed two brothers, Richard and Kenneth Samuel, in November 2017. Kivi’s attorney claimed the shooting was in self defense. Prosecutors say that the enraged Kivi fired his gun at the brothers after a projectile broke the back window of his truck. Kivi and another group of patrons had been in an argument earlier in the night at the Twin Lakes bar where the shooting occurred. Kivi is alleged to have also fired his gun in the air while his friends and other group were arguing. The jury began deliberations of 1st degree homicide charges Monday and delivered their verdict Tuesday. He’ll be sentenced in June.


The Highway KR reconstruction plan was approved by the Kenosha County Board last night on a 14-7 vote. The plat includes nearly 3 miles of land from Highway H to Old Green Bay Road. The work will transform the highway from two lanes to four in an effort to accommodate increased traffic from Foxconn. The move is opposed by some area residents who are trying to tone down the project. The Racine County Board will take up the measure next week.