WLIP Kenosha Rewind 2/16/18

A written threat was discovered at Lakeview Technology Academy yesterday, causing a soft lock down for students. Pleasant Prairie Police were called shortly before 1 PM, while students were kept in their classrooms for the remainder of the day. The threat was discovered in one of the school’s bathrooms. Authorities do not believe there was an imminent danger to the campus. Students were allowed to go home at their normal time. Police say there are devoting extra attention and resources to schools in the village after the mass shooting that happened in Florida. They say they will continue that effort for the foreseeable future.

The trial of a Paris man accused of killing a Kenosha woman in a drunk driving crash has been delayed. 38 year old Christopher Thayer allegedly collided head on with the vehicle driven by 53 year old Djuana Latshaw, killing her and injuring her grandson who was also in the vehicle on New Year’s Day. Thayer is charged with homicide by the intoxicated use of a motor vehicle. Prosecutors say that they need more time to analyze samples from Thayer as well as complete accident reconstruction. The defense says they can’t talk plea deal until all the evidence is in. Thayer will now be back in court in April. He’s out of jail on $150,000 bond.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking Kenosha Unified to remove religious displays that have reportedly been set up in classrooms. They also object to students visiting a Christian Camp on a school trip. The Kenosha News reports that the organization objected to a display that was reported at Roosevelt Elementary school which contained bible verses, Christian song lyrics, and other biblical references. The display has since been removed after parents complained to the district. In a separate incident, the group objected to teaching a biblical story as literal history instead of as an analogy. A third separate display was of Noah’s Ark. The group also objects to field trips to Timber-Lee Christian Center, which promotes creationism. The FFRF says they do not object to Christianity being taught as a world religion, but do object to it being used in a devotional context. They are asking the district to take corrective action. The district says they are working to investigate the claims.

A Kenosha teen has been charged with his third separate felony in a year. 17 year old Christopher Carstens allegedly participated in the attack of a man on October 25th of last year with two other suspects. The incident reported happened on 66th street and 25th avenue. The criminal complaint states that Carstens allegedly pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the victim. He then reportedly pistol whipped him. They then also allegedly robbed him. Carstens has previous charges in which he allegedly was involved in a hit and run after stealing a car for which he received a deferred prosecution. He was also out on bond on retail theft charges. Carstens is in custody on 15-thousand dollars bond.

President Donald Trump is taking credit for Foxconn coming to Wisconsin. The president made the comments in a meeting with governors yesterday, which included Governor Scott Walker. They were discussing Wisconsin’s infrastructure needs now that Foxconn’s expansion is becoming a reality. President Trump told Governor Walker directly that the electronics giant would not even be in the country without the president’s intervention. The Taiwanese company plans to build a massive display screen factory in the state which promises to employ up to 13-thousand people. The state is giving them around $3 billion in incentives. Trump says Foxconn plans to follow it’s initial investment in Wisconsin with an even larger plant, showing confidence in what America’s labor force has to offer.

Should changes be made to Kenosha Unified’s Student Dress Code? The school board is trying to answer that question. The Kenosha Unified School Board spent its evening Tuesday discussing possible changes that could be made to students’ dress code. At the heart of the discussion is the ban on yoga pants and the prohibition of leggings unless covered by dress, skirt, or similar article of clothing. Board Member Rebecca Stevens made a proposal that would change those policies completely, and also allow tank tops. Much of the other language in the current code would remain the same. The discussion about mandatory uniforms was raised but was quickly determined to not be feasible. Also a more generic dress code was proposed during public comments, which would simply direct students to dress comfortably. No decision was made by the board, however all the proposals and ideas from the meeting will be made available on-line and then another work session will be scheduled in a couple of weeks.

The effort to fix a tax loophole that could increase your property taxes failed to get any Republican signatures. State Senator Bob Wirch circulated a letter over the past few days, asking Governor Scott Walker to call a special session to take up a bipartisan measure fixing the loophole. Many Democrats signed the letter but no Republicans. Several of the big box stores have successfully argued in court that they should have to pay property tax on the assessed value of the land and the building as if it were empty. That argument is called “Dark Store Theory.” Local leaders have disputed that claim and want to tax more the value of the business inside the building. Last week, legislative leaders said that the bill would not be taken up this year. That’s means tax property bills could increase by hundreds of dollars this year. It’s unclear if Walker will be willing to call a special session later this year.

Wisconsin Republicans are distancing themselves from Paul Nehlen, a Republican challenger to House Speaker Paul Ryan who has been suspended from Twitter after a series of posts criticized as being racist or anti-Semitic. Wisconsin Republican Party spokesman Alec Zimmerman said Tuesday that membership dues Nehlen paid to county parties in Kenosha, Walworth and Racine counties have been refunded to Nehlen or donated to charity. Zimmerman says Nehlen “is not a member of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.” Nehlen was banned from Twitter on Sunday after tweeting an image that replaced the mixed-race fiancé of Prince Harry with a dark-skinned prehistoric Briton known as “Cheddar Man.” Nehlen had previously posted a list of his critics and said most were Jewish. Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says “it looks to me like he’s a racist bigot.”



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