WLIP Kenosha Rewind 2/23/18

Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian says he will release more documents related to investigations into Michael Bell Jr’s death. Bell was killed in an incident with Kenosha police in 2004. In recent months Bell’s father, Michael Sr, has run ads and billboards questioning what the mayor knew about his son’s death. Bell has alleged a cover up involving city officials and law enforcement. The shooting was deemed justified and since then city settled with the Bell family in a civil suit. Changes to the law governing how police shootings are investigated have also been passed. At last night’s meeting Bell and the mayor got into a confrontation over Bell displaying his ad, with Antaramian saying he should take it down or he would be expelled from the meeting. The mayor ended up leaving the meeting for a short time and discussing the matter with Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis. In the end Bell was allowed to stay, the Mayor returned and the meeting continued as usual. Antaramian told the alderman that he would provide them with the documents from the various law enforcement agencies who have looked into the Bell case over the past nearly 15 years.

Students at Salem Grade School in Salem Lakes were in soft lock down yesterday afternoon for what later turned out to be a false threat made in the area around the school. It all started with a 911 call shortly after 3:30 PM in which the caller reported two children being chased by an adult. The caller said that children were able to get away, hiding in a nearby home, and were safe. As officers searched for that suspect, the school was put in lock down in the moments before the end of the school day. About an hour later authorities learned that the information in the 911 call was a hoax and that there was not a suspect that had been chasing children. The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department says that they are speaking with the children involved in the hoax, as well as their parents and school officials.

The Kenosha man who attacked a woman in an elevator has been sentenced to time in an mental institution.33 year old Brian Palmer must spend 25 years in the state institution or be otherwise supervised by the state. He also cannot refuse to take his medication. Palmer was accused of attacking the woman in the elevator of a Pleasant Prairie Facility on June 12th. Officers later found Palmer outside of nearby St Catherine’s Hospital saying that his family was being held hostage and that’s why he targeted the woman that he did not otherwise know. He later pleaded guilty to charges against him, leading to the extended sentence.

A Kenosha man is in custody on drug charges after police made a major bust on Monday. 47 year old Tyrone Webster Sr. was taken into custody after a traffic stop Monday morning. Police received a warrant to search his apartment on 22nd avenue near 63rd street. Inside they allegedly found 60 grams of heroin and 90 grams of cocaine. Webster is charged with multiple felonies in relation to the manufacture and delivery of the drugs, including the just under 20 grams of marijuana that was also found. Police also confiscated a hand gun and over 29-thousand dollars in cash. Webster was taken into custody without incident.

The Kenosha alderman who has challenged being kept off the ballot in April is scheduled be in court today. 16th district Alderman Jesse Downing filed suit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission last month. Kenosha officials originally ruled that Downing should be kept off the ballot in his reelection bid after alleged errors were found on his nomination petitions. Officials said that one page had an incorrect date listed, another had the wrong address for Downing. On-line court records indicate that oral arguments are scheduled for this morning. If Downing is allowed on the ballot, he will be running against challenger Dominic Ruffolo on April 3rd.



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