Murder Verdict Beach Park

Vander Tuuk 3-19-19

(Waukegan, IL) A Beach Park man will likely spend the rest of his life in prison, after being convicted of a double murder. Armando Trejo Jr. received the guilty verdict on Monday, after a Lake County Jury deliberated for less than an hour. Trejo was accused of bludgeoning both his wife and step-son to death with an aluminum baseball bat in November of 2015. The defense said the 50-year-old acted with blind passion when he saw his wife sexually abusing his step-son, but prosecutors claimed that the acts were in retaliation for his wife finding out about his alleged infidelity. The jury sided with prosecutors. Sentencing has been set for May 20th.

Vernon Hills Financial planner who defrauded customers sent to prison

Associated Press/Vander Tuuk 3-19-19

CHICAGO (AP) A five-year prison sentence has been handed a Lake County-based financial planner who stole money set aside by a couple for their retirement years. Richard Booy was said to steal more than 250-thousand-dollars from the savings of 92-year-old Lovadore Bode. The main victim testified in federal court that Booy took almost everything she had. The 50-year-old Vernon Hills planner had pleaded guilty last year to mail fraud, admitting to bilking two dozen victims out of more than $2.3 million between 2012 and 2016.

Gurnee Woman Dies in Florida Hit and Run

Vander Tuuk 3-19-19

(Miami Beach, FL) A Gurnee woman is dead after a weekend hit-and-run in Florida. Police say Mariah Logan was leaning out of a car window in the early hours of Sunday morning, when she fell out and was stuck by a passing vehicle. The offending car initially stopped, but then fled before authorities could arrive. The 23-year-old Logan lived in Gurnee and worked in Waukegan. The incident remains under investigation.

Illinois organizations prepare for important 2020 Census

Associated Press 3-19-19

CHICAGO (AP) Experts in Illinois say preparations for next year’s U.S. Census are important because there’s a lot at stake, including billions in federal funding and congressional seats. An analysis by George Washington University’s Institute of Public Policy found that at least $34 billion in federal funding for programs that directly assist Illinois residents is tied to census figures. An Illinois Complete Count Commission report says the state could lose up to two congressional seats if the upcoming count finds a population loss. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White leads the commission. His office has launched a grant program to encourage participation in the April 1, 2020 Census.