Highland Park High School Yearbooks Halted Due to Senior Quotes

Vander Tuuk 5-23-19

(Highland Park, IL) The Highland Park High School has halted distribution of it’s yearbook, after a pair of quotes under senior pictures were called anti-Semitic. The pair of alleged offensive quotes included one often attributed to Adolf Hitler. The school says senior quotes are reviewed by a team, and apologized for the oversight. It’s unclear what remedies they will make for the yearbook, or when they will be handing them out.

District 60 Public Comment Possible Changes

Vander Tuuk 5-23-19

(Waukegan, IL) Looking to make School Board meetings more efficient, Waukegan District 60 is looking to make some changes to the public comment period. No new rules are in place at this point, but the School Board is looking at limiting public comments to things either on the agenda for that night’s meeting, or the meeting before it. Any other items could be submitted in writing. Another proposed change would be asking the public to use all possible administrative channels before bringing something in front of the board. Critics of the proposal say this could be seen as a limitation of free speech.

Buffalo Grove Votes Against Legalized Marijuana

Vander Tuuk 5-23-19

(Buffalo Grove, IL) The Village of Buffalo Grove is urging Illinois lawmakers to slow down on the passage of a bill that would make recreational marijuana legal in the state. A 4-3 vote by the village board opposes the current proposal. Those against the plan say Illinois is simply moving too fast, without the proper studies needed to understand the over impact of legalizing marijuana. Despite the opposition, village leaders say they will abide by state rules, if the legislation does become law.

Palatine Man Avoids Jail in Child Porn Case

Vander Tuuk 5-23-19

(Palatine, IL) An elderly Palatine man has avoided jail time after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography. Gary Schar was arrested last year, after employees of a nursing home noticed inappropriate web searches while helping the 74-year-old with his computer. Under the terms of his recent plea, Schar was given two years of probation, over 700 dollars in fines…he can no longer access the internet, and must sign up for the sex offender registry.

Pritzker confident he can sell new taxes for construction

Associated Press 5-23-19

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) Gov. J.B. Pritzker is undaunted by the task of convincing taxpayers to swallow $1.8 billion in new and increased taxes to pay for a massive state construction program. The Governor told reporters that increases in motor fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees and new taxes on such things as video streaming and ride-sharing are necessary to fix a crumbling infrastructure. Pritzker has floated a $41.5 billion plan for roads , bridges, schools and more over six years. House Democratic Leader Greg Harris says tangible results like smooth roads make the taxes an easier sell. But Assistant Senate GOP Leader Dave Syverson says some of Pritzker’s revenue ideas are widely unpopular.