Woman Arrested In Alleged Stolen Vehicle; Money Laundering Scheme

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–A Somers woman is in custody on several felonies involving alleged stolen vehicles, money laundering, and theft.

That comes after Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputies executed several warrants in recent weeks that allegedly uncovered an operation dealing in stolen vehicles and more.

28-year-old Casha Griffin was arrested in her Somers apartment last month. According to a criminal complaint, her bank account garnered attention due to the large sums of money deposited late last year.

A search of her apartment, storage unit, and another home yielded clothes, jewelry, and more, all reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Outside deputies recovered at least one vehicle with a fraudulent VIN number. Also a number of vehicles reported stolen from Mitchell International Airport were traced back by GPS to that area in Somers.

Griffin is being held on 100-thousand dollars bond and is due back in court next week.