Zapf To Appeal Scathing Report

Former Kenosha County District Attorney Robert Zapf will officially file an appeal in an attempt to keep his law license. Zapf’s attorney’s will file briefs early next month disputing a report by a retired judge that alleged Zapf acted improperly in a case he prosecuted in 2014. In that homicide case, former Kenosha Police Officer Kyle Baars admitted to planting evidence. The judge, who acted as a referee in Zapf’s case, said that Zapf did not inform the defense in the 2014 case about Baars’ admission as early as he should. He also alleged a number of other misconduct charges against Zapf in the over 80 page report. Both of the 2014 homicide suspects were convicted and the evidence planting had little change on that outcome. The State Supreme Court will ultimately decide Zapf’s case. If they rule against Zapf then he could lose his law license for a year and never be able to serve as a District Attorney in Wisconsin. Zapf retired as D.A. last year and also is no longer an active practicing attorney.



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