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Wednesday morning Wake Up Kenosha has your chance at Kenosha County Fair tickets…Kenosha Fire Chief Charles Leipzig…Steve Casey…Meridith Jumisko from the Kenosha CVB sizes up weekend fun…Wake Up What’s Up…Megaphone Newsreel…Courtesy Counter fun…$10.50 in the WLIP Money Wheel…Dinner and A Movie…and so much you didn’t know yesterday…Listen to the stuff below, then come back Wednesday morning 5-8!


Dr. Russ Brewer from Care Animal Hospital.  Aug 14, 2018


Peggy Gregorski is Museum Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddy!  Aug 14, 2018


State Rep. Samantha Kerkman talks Kenosha County Fair!  Aug 14, 2018


Megaphone Newsreel  Aug 14, 2018


Wake Up What’s Up  Aug 14, 2018


Nicole Thomsen and Kevin Ervin from Downtown Kenosha Inc. head to the beach!  Aug 8, 2018


Steve Casey is back with One Man’s Opinion  Aug 6, 2018


Kenosha County Fair Manager Denise Zirbel joins the show.  Aug 6, 2018


Brian Nett with fine feathered fun from The Bird Nest.  Aug 3, 2018


Coach Tom Roders with Manly Man Sports!  Aug 3, 2018


The A/C is OUT!!  Petey Reporter hits the WLIP basement to investigate.  June, 18, 2018


WLIP Program Director John Perry addresses the Lenny Palmer “Situation”  June 5, 2018


Wake Up Kenosha presents “Dinner & a Movie”  June 4, 2018


Wake Up Kenosha callers baste Lenny on Dinner & A Movie  May 31, 2018


Courtesy Counter fun with special guest Tom Roders…It’s Yes or BS!  May 25, 2018


Time for “Messin’ with Larry Palmer” May 23, 2018


A Message From Bill 

As a young Bill Lawrence I first entered the radio world back in 1988 at WMIR in Lake Geneva. My first job was playing commercials during the Milwaukee Brewers games and kicking the transmitter to keep the station on the air. That soon elevated me to morning show host. After five years and a very sore foot, I left the lakes area and came to WLIP/WJZQ Kenosha where I had handled afternoons on “The LIP” until 1997. The next year found me at WJZI in Milwaukee playing smooth jazz favorites.  Late in 1998, I went to work closer to home, with a run at WRJN/WEZY in Racine.  After my dispatch there, WLIP brought me back even closer to my house. My next gig will most certainly be in my basement. My wife of 23 years, Sue, has been supporting my radio habit for longer than that. We are blessed with 2 daughters, Samantha and Elizabeth. My other loves include my records, the Chicago Cubs, Classic TV and WWE. Thanks to all the folks who have come up to me and said so many nice things about our station. I am having a great time on Wake Up Kenosha along with Pete from 5 to 8AM everyday. I love the people I work with, even the infamous fudgesicle hankerin’ Lanny Palmer. Thanks for listening!