“Device Malfunction” Leads to School Lockdown; No Threat Found

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–A device malfunction is being blamed for a false alarm Monday at Kenosha’s Indian Trail High School.

The incident happened around 10 AM when students and staff were notified via the alarm system in the school to implement ALiCE tactics which includes barricading and evacuating the building in the case of an active shooter.

Out of an abundance of caution Kenosha Police cleared the building before the school could resume its day. Classes were able to meet again around 11 AM.

The malfunction is still under investigation and KUSD officials say alarm procedures are being reviewed to prevent a repeat performance.

In a Monday afternoon press release the district said it’s “…important to note that the students and staff did a great job implementing the practices and procedures they have been taught to follow in an intruder situation.”