Kenosha Common Council Meets On Eve of New Mayor’s Term

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–The City of Kenosha will inaugurate its first new mayor since 2008 at an organizational meeting of the Kenosha Common Council on Tuesday.

However there is one more Common Council meeting Monday night before the new term begins.

There are a number of important items on the agenda.

Among them is an option to purchase the Alford Building by and between the city and Kenosha Public Market.

The latter is reportedly hoping to open a grocery store in the long vacant downtown building.

The city is also considering selling the vacant 16.5 acres of property on 27th Street and 47th Avenue to a developer.

There is also a proposed ordinance that would decriminalize possession of drug paraphernalia in the city.

The measure was meant to piggyback on another which lowered the penalty for marijuana possession but has had trouble finding enough support among the alderpersons.

The meeting marks the last for long time Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian.

His successor-Mayor Elect David Bogdala will be sworn in Tuesday night.