Judge Raises Bond in Kizer Homicide Case

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–A Kenosha County Judge has increased the bond for the woman who allegedly killed the man who had trafficked her.

Judge David Wilk has increased Kizer’s bond to $750,000 after she reportedly was involved in a domestic dispute in Milwaukee County while out on bond and then fled to Louisiana where she was eventually taken back into custody.

Besides a number of charges now filed in the Milwaukee incident and the homicide charges in Kenosha, bail jumping charges have been added.

On Tuesday, Judge Wilk denied the prosecutor’s motion that her Milwaukee and Kenosha County trials be combined while he set a hearing on a defense motion that her homicide trial be delayed.

Kizer is charged with killing Randall Volar in 2018 in his Kenosha home before fleeing.