K.E.A. Calls For Mask Requirement in Schools

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—The Kenosha Education Association is calling on the Kenosha Unified School District to require face coverings for teachers, students, and staff when campuses reopen for the fall semester.

In a letter addressed to Superintendent Dr Sue Savaglio-Jarvis, School Board President Tom Duncan, the board members, and the KUSD Fall Planning Committee, the K-E-A said “This Call reflects the will of the vast majority of our membership who do not feel that (a) ‘highly recommended” (guidance) will be sufficient.”

The letter went on to state that “While we understand the issue of face coverings has become divisive and political, we must make decisions focused on health and safety recommendations of our nation’s respected health professionals.”

KUSD has not officially adopted their safety protocols for the upcoming school year.