Kenosha Adds 33 More Covid-19 Cases Wednesday; 4 More Deaths

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—Kenosha County reported thirty-three new cases of Covid-19 Wednesday, for a total of one thousand two hundred and forty four.

Four more deaths raised the county’s total to 34. The hospitalization rate is 12 percent of cases. The county averages about 119 tests per day, and around seven point three percent of them are positive. The recovery rate for 30 days since a positive test is 65 percent.

Early projections said that this week would be the peak of the outbreak in Kenosha. But Kenosha County Health Officer Dr Jennifer Freiheit says it’s hard to know when an outbreak has peaked because of several factors.


Dr. Freiheit says the health experts are tracking different symptoms from Covid-19 patients than before, including experiencing chills and headaches. The number of people testing positive with no symptoms has increased from twelve percent at the beginning of the pandemic to twenty six percent now.