Kenosha Common Council Approves Resolution Aimed At Removing Illegal Signage

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha Common Council approved a resolution aimed at cutting down on signs that are illegally placed on public parkways.

The signs may be for political candidates, businesses, or other organizations.

The measure was principally sponsored by 8th District David Mau who says that the ordinance banning such signs isn’t being fully enforced.

Mau said that no warning letters or fines have been issued to offenders

Kenosha Public Works Director Brian Cater says that his crews remove the offending signs whenever they find them.

He says that a new policy instituted this year aims to keep track of signs being removed to possibly identify repeat offenders.

Kenosha Police Chief Patrick Patton says it’s legal for anyone to remove the signs if they find them.

The resolution passed on a unanimous vote.