Kenosha Common Council Urges Froedtert Board To Keep Downtown Campus Open; New Services Uncertain

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha Common Council passed a resolution last night urging Froedtert Hospital Board of Directors to maintain services at its Froedtert South campus downtown.

The measure passed unanimously despite skepticism that it will do any good.

Even more concerning though was the recounting of a meeting between Alderpersons Jan Michalski and Jack Rose and Froedtert President and CEO Ric Schmidt.

While the hospital system initially indicated that inpatient mental health services will be offered there, that is now very much up in the air.

Alderman Michalski says he couldn’t get final confirmation of future plans.

While the resolution expresses support for those efforts, principal sponsor Alderman David Bogdala says that the need for hospital and emergency services remains.

The closure looms just 10 days away. It’s scheduled to take effect October 1st.


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